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About Us


Camp Enterprise provides senior high school students with an introduction to professional, business owner and management careers, through 3 ½ days of exposure to the private enterprise system, the art of negotiation skills, insights into business concepts and the opportunity to have face-to-face discussions with business leaders.


The Camp Enterprise concept was conceived by the American Management Association and developed and used by Rotary clubs throughout Canada and the US. 

 The program includes inspirational speakers, panel discussions, workshops, creativity sessions, business games, presentation skills, the professions and career opportunities facing young people. 


There are team-building events, and the opportunity to meet other students and have some social fun.

The adult participants who run the proceedings for the 3½ days are all Rotary Club member volunteers. Many of the motivational experts, self-awareness coaches, key speakers, and invited professionals are from outside the Rotary organization, but all participate on a voluntary, unpaid basis.